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Fitness is Art Testimonials

**Individual Results May Vary**

Yelp-LogoAdriana K.

North Hollywood, CA

Zumba, Boot Camp and now some personal training. I can't believe how good I feel only after a few weeks. Everyone that I've brought here is hooked and we can't get of enough not only is the fitness awesome, Rachel and Ray and the staff really take an interest in your well being. Rachel knows all there is to know about nutrition, she's put me on the right track and I feel so much better. I can't wait to see me in a month!!!


Yelp-Logo  Leo L.

  Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone, let's see to start off this is the best place to come if you want extreme results. I have been coming to Fitness is art for a few weeks now and i have never noticed better results. My friends Raymond and Rachelle are the most extremely loving and Inspiring people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I recommend Fitness is art to anybody trying to loose weight or just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thank fitness is art!


Yelp-LogoAren A.

Glendale, CA

Prior to joining the boot-camp with Ray and Rachele, I had been out of the work-out game for just about 3 years.

I used to be really active with Brazilian jiu-jitsu not too long ago. Training almost everyday. Going to tournaments. Really pushing myself to be in great shape. And I felt like I was!

Then, came the injuries. My right knee and left shoulder weren't as spry as they used to be, so I had to take a very long hiatus from any sort of physical activity.

FIA has done wonders for my confidence. I used to rarely ever put weight on my right leg and now I find myself squatting all night long. The boot-camp has quickly gotten me back into the swing of things and I'm very grateful.

As for the instructors, I find both Ray and Rachele to be wonderful, genuine people; I can't stress this enough.

Rachele is the fiery Italian that makes sure everyone is comfortable, safe, as well as enjoying themselves. She is also very much into nutrition and is very passionate about her work. Just don't get lazy around her; she'll catch you, for sure!

Ray is the Puerto Rican power-house that is always inventing new doo-dads and thing-a-ma-bobs for his workout routines. His methods are very unorthodox, which is great for people with short attention spans like myself. Ray will get you to your limits in a safe and progressive manner.

One of the best things about the boot-camp is that it can suite all ages and every type of fitness level. I don't have much stamina, so sometimes I have to make adjustments in order to make it though a set. No big deal, as they both really encourage this.

If you live/work in Burbank and are afraid of getting back into a healthy lifestyle like I was, then this is the perfect place for you. My first session left me sore for a few days, but now I can do 3 days in a row without any issues!

After about 12 sessions, I have got to say that I'm really enjoying the program. I really can't wait to see how well I can bounce back from injury. The prospect of being able to roll again is very enticing. I hope it works out!

PS: It's right next to a doughnut shop, so during our workouts the sweet smell of fried dough is wafting through the air. If this doesn't teach one willpower, then I don't know what will! It's like going to Vegas while quitting smoking!


Yelp-Logo  Adele C.

  Burbank, CA

I was going here while they were still making revisions to their studio.  Let me emphasize...... This couple is not only amazing together as a couple, but just as amazing together as trainers! I asked for a butt kicking because I had stopped working out after having my daughter, and boy did they give it to me!! All my workouts were individualized to me, and pushing me towards my own fitness goals. Shortly after starting my workouts with them (within only a month!), I felt stronger, flexible, sexy, and lean again! They even helped me with my diet. Best parts of all this were not just my results, but the FUN I had on my way back to being fit and that I was SAFE from injuring myself. I never got this type of attention doing dangerous crossfit workouts. They seriously treat you like family here. If it weren't my moving away, I would still be working out here.

Thank you Rach and Ray!


Yelp-Logojulia k.

Burbank, CA

The moment I walked through the door of this studio I felt at home.
Fitness is Art is not an average fitness studio but a personal creation of Rachel and Ray, people who are passionate and very knowledgeable about fitness and healthy life style.
The place is beautiful, elegant warm and inviting. I absolutely love taking classes there!
No matter how big the class is they always make sure that every person in the class is satisfied. They do care about the people that train with them and their personal health, and fitness goals.
Rachel is also extremely creative and continually challenges you in a very fun way. After my sessions I feel totally worked, great and inspired.

Another great thing about Fitness is Art is a variety of different classes to choose from. Facial Fitness class and the Beam Class are next on my list.

I recommend this studio for any level and any age.
I especially recommend for someone who is just starting because this place is the right start.


Yelp-LogoJazmin A.

Burbank, CA

The LA Combatives Class which is offered here at Fitness is Art is the most rewarding martial arts class I have ever taken in the past decade. Steve and Raffi are both very great instructors who have several years of martial arts training to show a beginner, or even an experienced martial artist, on how to do techniques which could save your life. I came in thinking I already knew how to defend myself (I have experience with grappling and some striking), but after training here I found that there is so much that I didn't know and needed to learn. The other senior students here are fun to train with and very encouraging when it comes to training with new people. If you are looking for a new challenge, I highly recommend coming by on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings :)


Yelp-LogoAlethea P.

Burbank, CA

Fabulous location, I've just started going there for a few weeks. I am not the body type you would expect to see at a gym by any means but this place is AWESOME. There's no elitist attitude among those there that are more fit. It's just excitement and fun and joy, I look forward to going each and every time.

So far I've done belly dancing fitness, Zumba and I had my first experience with a bootcamp yesterday.

Go by, check them out see what they have to offer, you won't regret it.


Yelp-LogoMichael G.

Monrovia, CA

In 3 weeks of sporadic training with Ray and Rachelle I have lowered my blood pressure from a dangerous 190/110 to 140/75. All this is due to their coaching and gentle training. If you are slightly considering your options and are not a gym person, this may be the solution for you. First of all, it is the best location in Burbank right next door to a doughnut shop. What motivatiton! The focus is better health, right? If so, stop by and see them. Most of the equipment is outside in the fresh air. They do offer other cardio classes, like Zumba and Salsa. And, the care they give coupled with the one-on-one attention is worth whatever the cost. What is the price of your health?
They are great with all ages. Senior citizens would really benefit from this studio in the mornings. Give them a chance to discuss with you what you what you consider to be your goals.  You will be hooked in one session.  Good health is priceless!


Yelp-LogoAdam F.

Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

Amazing experience with Ray and Rachel. They take the time to listen to what your goals are and help you reach them.

Ray has been training me one on one and Rachel set up a very simple eating plan for me to follow. Two weeks later, and I have already lost 15 pounds!

Thank you Rachel and Ray for such positive life changing experience. I'm getting closer and closer to my goals and its all thanks to you!

**Individual Results May Vary**