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Meet the Staff:

Rachele Rivera:

  • ISSA 
  • Academy of Rome International Certification for Sports and Fitness/Nutrition

  • Crossfit 
  • Facial Fitness

  • Beamfit

  • Pilates

  • Institute of Rome for Manual lymphatic drainage





Ray Rivera Jr.

  • ISSA and Internationally certified

  • Advanced Self defense conditioning and training

Eddie aka Grateful Ed

I transformed my life by eating clean and exercising and I lost 115lbs in 3 1/2 years. 

Because of this lifestyle change, I exchanged my career as a certified special effects make up artist to a personal trainer.  I found Southern California Health Institute  and am now a NASM certified personal trainer helping others in need of improving their health.  My past was something I would like to forget but I try and use it as a tool to help others.  My superhero name is GRATEFUL ED THE TIE DYED TRANSFORMER.  I'm an artist of all sorts and a big grateful Dead follower.  I used the love and inspiration of the music and lifestyle to achieve my goals.  I thank the universe for placing me at the red light where I turned my head and saw Fitness is Art, an amazing place that is surely helping people improve their health, wellness and quality of life.