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Fitness is Art 6 week wellness weight loss challenge starts today.  Cost is only $250.
(Bring a friend to sign up with you and take $25 off each)

 Read below what is all involved then 
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Let me start off by applauding you for taking the first step towards better health for 2017! You are worth it! You are one step closer to your better body with Fitness is Art's Six Weeks to Wellness Weight Loss Challenge!

This will provide you with a complete overview of our successful health and weight loss challenge, designed to shed anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds with maximum results in six weeks!

Below are the highlights of our Wellness Challenge, so that you understand the amazing VALUE of what you will be receiving when you sign-up for our program!


Unlimited Classes Weekly  CLICK HERE to register

With over 25 different class times to choose from, there is a convenient one-hour workout that can fit into your schedule. Designed for ALL levels of fitness, workouts are never the same daily and are both fun and rewarding, scroll up and click on “Classes” for weekly schedule.

Crowd Control

We keep classes at the right size so that there's no overcrowding, and you get the benefit of more attention during your workout. This challenge is not a cattle call. You are an individual who deserves our attention in an environment to maximize your results.

Six-Week Special Healthy Nutritional Plan

Shed weight and gain muscle with our customized meal plan. It's simple, quick and easy-to-follow, with recipes and other options to suit everyone. Document with an approved smart phone app or in our supplied workbook. Bonus, our challenge is Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig friendly as well!

Client Assessments (Weigh-Ins, Measurements, Photos and Food Diary Check-ins)

For a successful challenge, documentation is key. Weigh-ins are weekly, measurements are in the beginning and end of the challenge, as well as pictures. A key component in meeting your health goals is being supported and monitored. Our weekly individual check-ins contribute tremendously to your best outcome. Self-sabotage, unforeseen stressors, plateaus and client questions can be addressed at this time.

Complete Nutritional Support Designed for Optimal Health  CLICK HERE to register

Our all-in-one plant-based wellness drink is the most nutritionally dense product on the planet. It is a raw whole food concentrate, vegan, gluten-free, high-alkaline, diabetic-friendly, with over 100 nutritional components and replaces over 56 supplements.  We also have a weight management kit that will help assist and speed up the weight loss process in a safe and effective manner, all the while feeding your body with the proper nutrients it needs in order to lose weight and keep it off.  
Learn more about our professional nutritional recommendations at your orientation for the challenge or one of our presentations
to get on the product for the challenge.

Body Fat Testing

Your body fat is tested toward the beginning and end of the challenge.

Challenger Workbook

We provide every challenge client with a customized workbook that can guide them through every aspect of the challenge. The workbook will give you all the information needed for you to achieve your goal.

Support, Support and More Support

We are always here for you! Whether it's discussing a plateau, a workout move that needs adjustment or food management, we are here to get you to your goals! Our joy comes from seeing you succeed and getting you to reach your health and weight loss goals. Take advantage of that and reach out to us whenever necessary via email, phone or Facebook.

  CLICK HERE to register

Value of this challenge? Amazing when you consider that to just have a trainer in your standard structured gym setting could take you into the thousands over the course of six weeks and still not provide you with all the tools and support that we have outlined for you here. To have everything outlined in this challenge would be valued over $2500!!! That's incredible! The value gets even higher when you consider that one of you will be the grand prize winner of this challenge and there will be runner-ups as well!

Let's also add that the gift of health is PRICELESS, and there is no price that you can pay for a healthier you to spend with your loved ones and living the life you intended for yourself!

So, as our ad stated, “TOMORROW IS TODAY,” and there is no time like the present to get started. Don't put the gift of health off not one more day!

Payments  CLICK HERE  to register

Only $250

So now that we have set you up for success, all you have to do is get in touch with us via email or phone or our website to get started today!

Thank you for choosing Fitness is Art! We look forward to taking this journey with you to better health!

Best Wishes,

Rachele Rivera
Fitness is Art Owner, Head Trainer

Welcome To Fitness Is Art

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Extreme Ray and Rachele Bootcamp custom designed for all ages and levels and medical disabilities all in one class.

Welcome to Fitness is Art a new, unique and original boutique fitness studio that caters to your  every needs.  We are Eco friendly and offer organically based products.   We are not a gym, therefore no membership, you pay as you go for your classes or buy packages and save per class or personal training. We offer nutritional counseling and a variety of original and safe classes for all ages and levels. Our classes include Extreme Ray and Rachele Bootcamp, Facial Fitness, Mat Pilates, Beamfit, Fem Defend(Self Defense for Women Taught by a woman) LA Combatives (Martial Arts for men and women), Acting Classes,Tangoflex and Hypnotherapy.


Come and check us out at 2019 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, we are the "Little Yellow House" on Magnolia Blvd.





Yelp-Logojulia k.

Burbank, CA

The moment I walked through the door of this studio I felt at home.
Fitness is Art is not an average fitness studio but a personal creation of Rachel and Ray, people who are passionate and very knowledgeable about fitness and healthy life style.
The place is beautiful, elegant warm and inviting. I absolutely love taking classes there!
No matter how big the class is they always make sure that every person in the class is satisfied. They do care about the people that train with them and their personal health, and fitness goals.
Rachel is also extremely creative and continually challenges you in a very fun way. After my sessions I feel totally worked, great and inspired.

Another great thing about Fitness is Art is a variety of different classes to choose from. Facial Fitness class and the Beam Class are next on my list.

I recommend this studio for any level and any age.
I especially recommend for someone who is just starting because this place is the right start.


Yelp-LogoAdam F.

Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

Amazing experience with Ray and Rachel. They take the time to listen to what your goals are and help you reach them.

Ray has been training me one on one and Rachel set up a very simple eating plan for me to follow. Two weeks later, and I have already lost 15 pounds!

Thank you Rachel and Ray for such positive life changing experience. I'm getting closer and closer to my goals and its all thanks to you!




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